Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - February 8th - Week Two Strict Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - February 8th:_______
02/08/2018:                             -2.8 pounds
Lost Since 01/29/18 Restart    -4.0 pounds
Total lost Since 06/29/15:          62  pounds
Current Weight:                        168 pounds
Days Cheat-Free:                        11 days

Yes! I had a great loss and I'm back down in the 160's! I'm now 8.4 lbs away from my pre-Christmas weight. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that the scale was lower by two more pounds at the start of the week but it's normal for the weight to go up and down so I'm going to try and get over that.

Everything else is going well. I'm hitting my macros and staying in my calories like I should be, I'm doing the yoga challenge, I have no plans to cheat at all and I plan on starting my workout this weekend. Hopefully I can keep losing at a good rate for a while.

I don't really have much to add to today since I did the 10-day cheat free post yesterday and updated everything then but here's to sticking to the plan and more weight loss!!

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