Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Story of the Size 8 Jeans and New Home Gym Additions...

Yes, size 8 jeans.... eeeeeeeeee!!!!

Now, I've already freaked out all over Facebook and Instagram with this fact but today I was able to get much better photos of the new jeans (from all angles) and I haven't shared the whole story yet so here we go...

Size 8 jeans and size Medium top!

So, as you guys know, I started in jeans size 20 when I began losing weight at 230 lbs in June of 2015. I'm very picky about my jeans and because I didn't want to deal with vanity sizing I have stuck to the exact same brand, type, name and style jeans that I have since the beginning. This way I'm hoping the sizes stay true as I move down in them.

I was able to start wearing size 10 back in October of 2017 and I honestly did not at all expect the 8's to fit right now. I ordered them so I can have a "dream" pair of jeans to work on fitting into (I do this with every pair) and when they came on Thursday I figured, why not try them on and see how far up I can get them.

So I did. They went up my thighs with ease, which didn't surprise me because, honestly, the 10's were getting really loose in the thighs and butt but not in the waist. So I'm like, huh, that was easy, let's see if I can pull them up... huh, that was too easy... maybe I should try to zip them... naaawww, they'll never zip, no way... well, why not try... HOLY CRAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!! Not only do they fit but they're super comfy and fit just right!!!

That's basically how the talk with myself went hahahahaha.

So, in total shock, I walk into the kitchen and go "Uh, Charles...." (he knew I was going to see how far I could get them) and he goes. "Oh, no, do they not fit at all?" and I say. "Uh. No. I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!"

Yeah, I was kind of excited and shocked and elated and shocked and did I mention shocked???

Guys, I wore between a 6 and an 8 in high school and college before kids. I weighed 130-ish then. I still weigh 160 now and they fit! I'm sure there's some vanity sizing involved plus they're ultra stretch jeans, but OMG they fit.

It's like all this hard work, all the dedication, all the uneaten treats and junk, every bead of sweat, every set and rep and hard exercise... all of it is paying off and it's amazing to feel and see the difference! And I'm nowhere near done and not about to stop!!

So, that's the size 8 jeans story lol.

Now, here are the new additions to my home gym (I didn't buy them all at the same time, I just finally gathered them into a photo together)...

Here's what I added in the last month or so...

one pair of 20 lb CAP dumbbells, one pair of 12 pound AmazonBasics dumbbells, Vektor resistance loop bands (I’ve been wanting loop bands for a long time and I’ll be doing a review of these once I have a chance to try them out) and a set of ForNeat microfiber sports towels.

I kind of regret buying the bowflex adjustable weights because, while they do provide a lot of sizing options, the weights themselves are very bulky and uncomfortable to use. 

If I'm doing something one-handed like a shoulder press, I can deal with it, but when it's something that has an adjustable weight in each hand (like a chest fly) then weights are so big and bulky that they get in each other's way and they also get caught on my bench when I'm laying down for something like a prone row. This is why I'm slowly adding heavier and heavier dumbbells as I go. The ones I bought aren't bulky or uncomfortable at all. I'll just need to save up for each additional pair since the bigger they are, the more they cost.

Also, I'm giving the Vektor loop bands a try specifically because they messaged me on Instagram and asked that I try them out. I've been wanting these for a long time anyway and I like supporting small start-up businesses plus they had great reviews so it's win-win the way I see it.

I think that's about all I have for today but.... once again... OMG size 8 jeans!!!

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