Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why I'm Done With Protein Powder...

Even after doing keto for over two years I'm still learning things about my body and how it reacts to certain foods.

There came a point back in February where I realized I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet so I decided to add an actual protein shake to my food plan instead of the Atkins shake I'd normally have. I went with Isopure protein powder after many recommendations and I loved how it tasted and how much protein I was getting but I wasn't happy with how my body was doing in the 5 weeks of using it, I just didn't realize, at first, that it was the problem.

Charles thinks the issue was the whey part of it (Atkins has some whey in it too but at a much lower amount) but now that I stopped using the protein powder things started changing for the better.

As I blogged in previous posts over the month of February and early March, I was trying all sorts of things to get the scale to behave and to feel better. I tried getting rid of the Atkins shakes, I tried lowering my calories, I tried more calories on workout days, I tried less carbs, I tried less fat and more protein... I tried all sorts of stuff but my body just wasn't behaving the way I as used to when I do strict keto and power of deduction and reasoning led to the Isopure protein powder.

The scale skyrocketing is what set me off taking out the protein powder in the first place because I eventually narrowed it down to that being the only "new" thing I was still doing.

Now that I've cut it out from my diet completely, I'm finally feeling the way I normally do on keto! My bloating (which seemed to come out of nowhere and just hang out) and other stomach issues are gone again like they were before I started using it (I have IBS but it's a thousand times better on keto) and the scale isn't skyrocketing up and down like crazy anymore. I'm also less hungry (go figure) and just feel better all around.

I'm also working really hard to get protein from actual foods like chicken, shrimp, salads with meat, spinach, etc but I've finally stopped obsessing over protein and it just feels right.

I also have issues with sugar alcohols (which I've also blogged about before) which is annoying. I have a growing list of foods that my body just doesn't handle well. I'm happy for people who can handle it but I'm just not one of those people!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this in case anyone else is having digestive issues and scale issues and isn't sure why!

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