Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Workout Space Update and Workout Thoughts

So, I've been wanting to update my workout space a little for a while now. Specifically I wanted to add more anchors to the "anchor" wall so I could have greater variety for my resistance band exercises instead of just having the anchors at three different heights.

There were a few specific exercises that really called for different heights (especially the face pull) so I finally bought four more anchors and yesterday Charles attached them to the wall. They're the same kind that I used before except three of them are blue because the pink kept being out of stock and I got tired of waiting for it and they look great!

The new ones are the three blue and the one pink that's the second from the lowest.

These are heavy duty and can support up to 300 lbs. In fact, I think the wall is more likely to give out before the anchors would hahaha. Charles also stabilized them and made them stronger by using heavy pieces of wood behind them with the wall between the anchors and the wood and everything is very secure. I can't wait to use them!

I want to keep adding to the my home gym as well over time because I really love working out at home and I'm going to stick to the home routine for as long as I can make it work. I do have some pretty big equipment on my wish list: a new workout bench that has more incline options, better dumbbells, eventually a barbell and so on, but these things add up so I'm adding little by little as I go and can afford it!

And my workouts are going so well! I actually started the "F" days, which I've never reached before and once I finish those and complete the "G" days I will have run my entire program once! And once that's done I start fresh with "A" days. I've been touching things up as I go, finding what works and what doesn't and my weight limit keeps increasing which is awesome!

For example, I learned that doing the front shrug with the band on the bionic bar did not work well or challenge me at all so I'm changing that to a large single dumbbell front shrugs (until I can afford a barbell). I'm also modifying exercises as I need to and I love the fact that this is my program and I can change it or add to it as needed!

And when I get bored can either plan more things or just change them up the accessories used, body positions, sets and reps and even days (like do Push A with Pull B and Leg C or something). The possibilities are endless!

And I don't think I need to describe how much I'm loving yoga!!

So, all in all, I love how working out is going and I'm completely hooked on it. It is truly my "me" time!

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