Thursday, April 5, 2018

First Full Workout Plan Run Through Thoughts and New Yoga Stretch!

So, as I posted earlier, yesterday I completed the first full run of my entire Push/Pull/Legs/Abs Days Workout and I learned a lot from that.

First, I learned that I CAN stick to one plan and see it all the way through which is huge for me because I usually go back and forth so much it drives me (and everyone around me) crazy!

Second, I learned that I can put together a good plan! I love variety, I love the Push/Pull/Leg/Abs line up, I love not repeating the same thing for a while and working my muscles from all different directions and angles and throwing in some pilates moves into nearly every workout so I used all of that, plus what I learned from my trainer, my gym membership and my own research to create a plan I loved doing!

Yes, it was hard at times, yes, there was a day or two where I was ready to swear at whatever (especially that leg day that had curtsy lunges and squat side kicks and Bulgarian Split Squats and Bench Hip Thrusts plus more) but I love working hard and love the soreness that follows afterward!

I learned that I am definitely a "home workout" kind of person right now and that I can get stronger at home, I just have to slowly add heavier and heavier dumbbells to my ever-growing gym!

I learned that I don't need a specific cardio workout and that I'm happier with hourly walking (and adding more and more stairs as I go) and my back does much, much better with that too. I also end up with way more steps, miles and distance walked than I would get in one 30 minute cardio DVD workout!

I learned that I am capable, I am determined, I am strong and I truly love working out! And I discovered my absolute love for yoga hence the new yoga stretch!

I also made some smaller tweaks to certain exercises as I went along. The renegade row had to become a modified renegade row for now, I definitely need to add ankle weights and some bands to things like clams, leg lifts, floor hip extensions, etc, I added new anchors because I didn't have enough height varieties for all the exercises I wanted and I feel ready to start incorporating practice assisted pull-ups and hanging knee-ups for abs using my pull-up bar! For the last two I'll probably add 1 or 2 pull-ups on pull days and 1 or 2 knee-ups on abs days but they're not going to be the focus of the plan yet, just general practice.

I also learned that it's much better to double check YouTube to see how an exercises should be done than to guess, do a bunch of reps, realize it doesn't feel right, then look it up and figure out, yup, it wasn't being done right! From now on I check first, then do!

So now I am ready to start my plan over again for round 2! I'm going to change up some of the accessories I used and some of the ways I held my weights to give it even more variety and I'm obviously going to continue upping my weights and band amounts as needed. I also feel more confident going into round two because now I have a much better idea of what I'm doing!

And here is my brand new, almost-all-yoga stretch! I really wanted to be able to practice a lot of these poses daily so this plan is what I ended up with it (thank you again, Dawn, for your help!!). It'll definitely take more than my previous 20 minutes spent on stretching but I'm ready for that and looking forward to it!

The images here came from just to give credit where credit is due! The poses will go in the order posted unless I want to change something as I run it for the first time tomorrow and see how it flows. I'll also continue to do the daily yoga challenge poses along with this!

 Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

So bring on round two because I am ready!!

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