Saturday, April 14, 2018

Snap Fitness Gym , Here I Come... Again!

Yes, I am finally and actually going back to the gym (at least to try it out but knowing how much I love it when I'm there, I'm probably going to keep going).

There are several reasons for this because, really, all I've talked about lately is how much I love working out at home so why change that? Well, there are also limitations to home and I decided that since I'm paid up until the end of April, I may as well go and give it a try before just deciding not to go at all.

The biggest problem I'm having with home is that a lot of my anchored band exercises are really meant to be cable machine exercises and I can definitely tell that I'm not getting the right kind of workout on some of the moves I did over the last seven weeks of working out.

Like, the standing anchored band chest press for example. It feel like I'm working hard on the actually press part but when I come back from that press, I should be feeling the exercise more and instead it does nothing. I think if it were being done with the cables and weights attached to them, I'd feel it more going in both directions and this seems to apply to a lot of my anchored band exercises.

I also really miss the kind of workout I was getting from some of the machines plus I'm quickly outgrowing my equipment and I can't keep buying more and more of it every month. That's costing me more than a gym membership does! Plus, of course, cardio machines!

I have this incredibly stubborn fat on my stomach and midsection area. I can feel the muscles underneath the fat getting stronger and I have really good core strength but the fat covers all of it and it seems like I'm losing weight everywhere but there! Honestly, it's really starting to bother me! I love doing the 10,000-12,000 steps a day and I plan to keep that doing that, but I think adding a half hour or more of really serious cardio... treadmill, arc trainer, elliptical... whatever, will really help with that stubborn fat!

My workout is already planned and ready to go because I worked on it for several days over a month ago when I was considering the gym back then. It's the same basic set up as my at home workout... Push/Pull/Leg/Abs Days A-G and includes a great mixture of weight machines, cable machines, resistance bands, free weights, body weight and Pilates moves so the basic plan will remain the same.

I still want to workout 6 days a week (with 1 rest day), I'm still going to do my yoga challenge and daily yoga stretch (I need to finalize that with the new moves I'm adding) and the only thing that will change is I'll be at at the gym instead of at home (and if I need to workout at home for some reason, my workout and current equipment will be waiting for me). I'm also bringing some of my own stuff to the gym, mainly my yoga mat and I have permission to bring my own ankle weights because I need them for a lot of my leg exercises and Snap doesn't have any.

I'm probably going to hold off on the Yoga Stretch at the gym and stick to doing it at at home because that's where my blocks and straps are but I'll see if the gym has any yoga stuff before making a final decision. Plus, of course, time constraints. I'm just going to go day by day and see what happens.

And, finally, I feel like I need a greater challenge and that I will be able to to push myself harder at the gym because the equipment is there for me to use. Eventually I want to learn to use the squat rack and barbells but that can come a little later.

I would have already started this weekend but today turned into a high pain day and we're under a winter weather advisory for some snow, freezing rain and ice so tomorrow we'll probably be stuck here, but as soon as it clears up on Monday I'm going and I really can't wait!!

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