Monday, April 9, 2018

Working Out ~ Finding What You Love to Do... Long!

Okay, so maybe there's also a smidgen of obsession when it comes to working out for me (Charles, you be quiet!) but for the most part, it really is dedication.

I've gotten some comments recently on how much I work out and how well I'm sticking to it so I wanted to talk about that.

The reason I can stick to it so well and be someone who works out six days a week (at least for the last six weeks) is simple... I love what I'm doing and I think it's incredibly important to feel that way.

It's true that I don't love every single exercise that I do. Walking lunges aren't really my friend and there's quiet a few ab exercises I could do without but they're part of my program because, in general, I love strength training. I love how it makes me feel (physically and mentally) and I love the results!

I look forward to every workout and I carve out time for them even on days when I'm really busy. I even look forward to Leg Day lately which is a huge change for me.

Now, if I had to do something else that I didn't enjoy, like most cardio workouts, dance-workouts (I have the rhythm of a stick and I'm clumsy) or even running, I wouldn't be able to do it six days a week because I don't want to do it. I know I would drag my feet and make excuses and it just wouldn't happen. Those things are not something I ever look forward to and they're not part of my plan for exactly that reason.

I love working with weights, I absolutely love yoga, I love Pilates, I'd probably love Barre if I got around to doing it, I love waking, especially outdoors and in nature areas, and we're adding an actual hike to the plan in the fall.

I'm not a big fan of classes so I don't do them. I don't dance, I don't run (or ever plan to run) and I currently don't lift heavy at the gym because of how happy I am at home doing my own thing. At some point in time that may change but we'll see.

I also have no interest in competing against others but I absolutely love competing against myself and how I worked out the previous week/month/program run-through. And I work out for about an hour and a half a day give or take 15 minutes plus I walk 1,000 steps every hour in order to make my daily step goal.

Does someone have to work out for that long every day? Of course not, but I love my workout time. It's my "me" time. I focus on me: my body, my muscles, my strength, my flexibility, my feelings. It is truly and fully about me, for me and against myself and I look forward to it every single day no matter how hard it might be or how hard I have to push myself or how much it will hurt (in a good way)!

I love how I feel when I'm succeeding at lifting a heavier weight, or squatting lower, or holding my yoga pose better than the previous time doing it and I absolutely love the endorphin rush I get from my workouts.

Plus, let's be honest, I'm starting to love how I look after working this hard and the fact that I can eat  more food on workout days and still keep losing weight!

Now, some people don't have the time that I have to spend on working out and that's fine too. It's not really the time, it's the effort you put into the time that you do have. You could do a workout for 10 minutes or for 3 hours and still be able to make it a decent workout! It all depends on what you want and how much you're willing and able to to do. It's all in your hands.

Those are the things I like and the things that make me happy but not everyone has to love and do what I do. Every now and then, especially when I'm showing him my newly developing muscles, Charles comments that he should do something too but he hates to exercise and you know what, that's fine! There's nothing wrong with that, he just needs to do what he loves.

I know he loves walking outside and hiking and working in the yard/garden and that time is coming soon plus nature walks are something we'll do together. Should I be trying to convince him to lift weights because I do? No! I know it's not his thing and I truly believe that you will never stick to something that you hate to do. I say the same thing about diets and keto. You have to find what works for you and what you won't mind doing!

Everyone has to find their own path. Some people dance, some run, some do workout DVDs or classes, some go to the gym, some work out at home, some do yoga, some swim... I could go on and on here. The secret of sticking to it is to do what you love. And who knows, maybe you'll end up trying something just to try it and finding yourself falling in love with it!

So if you want to exercise, go pick something and just give it a try. You might love it, you might hate it (and if you do, just move on to something else) but you never know what you might discover about yourself until you try!

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