Tuesday, May 8, 2018

100 Days of Cheat Free Keto!! (and psych med update after yesterday's post)

Woooo!! I finally hit 100 days cheat free and I feel amazing!! My weight loss may have slowed down but I look and feel better than I ever have before!

Now to keep going and shoot for 125 days. I have to get to day 200 to beat my last record but we'll see what happens with that even though I have no plans to cheat at all (I definitely have the desire but not a plan lol).

So, on to the psych med thing after yesterday's post which may have left a few people worried about me :/

I called my pdoc to stop the meds because I just couldn't function on them (I fell apart even more after I posted... it was, literally, crazy. I wasn't even me anymore, or at least I didn't feel like me!)

Anyway, when I didn't hear back from him (I had left a message so sometimes it takes them a bit to get back to me and it's not like I said it was an emergency or anything) I made the executive decision to stop the medication, especially since once it wore off around 4-ish yesterday, my brain actually started working correctly and things started to make sense again.

And I'm happy to say that today I am me again. I can drive without an issue, I can think, I can focus, I can study (that's going really well now and I'm sllowly putting together my own study guide for every chapter (as I go) out of the several study guides I currently have).

I'm not crying at the drop of a hat, I'm no longer wanting to binge, my horrible headache and back pain went away by this afternoon and I just feel normal again so I won't be trying this medication again any time soon. Either I can stay hypomanic or we can figure something else out but whoever it was that I was on this med was not someone who could get anything accomplished or even simply function.

Normally I would NOT stop a psych med without a doctor's approval (and please don't do this at home) but since I'd only been on it for several days and I was having such a bad reaction I think it was warranted.

Tomorrow I head to work with my study guide (in case I get some free time) and a clear mind and then finally back to the gym!! I can't wait to get there again and start the new workout plan I talked about yesterday!

Also, here's my 100-day no cheating tank top reward and my hair is NOT fluorescent neon orange/red lol, it just looks that way in this pic due to sun and lighting!

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