Monday, May 28, 2018

Changing the Workout Plan

So, after a lot of thought today I've decided to go back to my own workout plan rather than the LG one.

There are several reasons for this decision: one, I really miss the variety in plan, especially the mixture of weight training and pilates movements and having a dedicated abs day. Two, I stuck to my plan for over ten weeks but as soon as I switched to something else I stopped sticking to it nearly as well. Three, I was getting great results and I loved my workouts plus I was doing cardio every day instead of 2-3 times a week and I feel like I need that.

The main reason I left my plan was to spend less time as the gym while I study for the CPT but the LG plan doesn't save me that much time and if I stick with short cardio on top of my strength plan and the shorter stretch I should be okay with time.

While I really like the LG plan, I'm just really itching to get back to my own so that's what I'm going to do.

Plus now that I know how to deadlift and use barbells and the squat rack that's going to be incorporated into my plan. In fact, I have a huge amount of variety built into my exercises just with various ways of doing it, like a chest press can be done with dumbbells, with a barbell, on a stability ball or on a bench, flat or inclined and one or two handed. At this rate I'll never get bored with what I'm doing and I can keep challenging myself as I get stronger!

Tomorrow I'm going to do either cardio or yoga and then start up with Push Day A on my plan on Wednesday since today was a chest and triceps days and that's more than half of my Push Day workout.

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