Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - May 31st - Week Eighteen Strict Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - May 31st:                   
05/31/2018:                             -0.2 pounds
Lost Since 01/29/18 Restart  -14.4 pounds
Total lost Since 06/29/15:      -72.4 pounds
Current Weight:                     157.6 pounds
Days Cheat-Free:                      122 days

Another week stuck in this plateau despite changing a lot of things for the better. This makes 5 weeks of being stuck and a loss of 0.2 lbs for all of May which really sucks. The thing that really gets at me is that the scale dipped lower than this number several times this past week but of course today, weigh-in day, it had to go back up to a higher one. I'm starting to get really frustrated with this but I'm going to keep going and working on it.

I did really well with the strict keto this week despite not seeing a good loss. My carbs didn't go over 23 net grams, my fat was in a good place and my protein was in a great place thanks to going back to the Isopure protein shakes instead of the Atkins. I think my mistake last time was mixing the Isopure with the Atkins which is what set off my stomach issues. Now I mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, some heavy whipping cream and a little sugar-free Torani salted caramel syrup. I'm really liking them and I love getting proper protein!

The biggest thing still not going in my favor is the gym. I only managed to make it there one day this week and today and tomorrow are crazy busy so I think my next gym day will be Saturday but I really need to go regularly again. I miss it and I don't just miss the physical results from it, I miss the mental ones so my biggest goal this coming week outside of the food plan is to get back to my regular gym workouts!!

I think that's all I have for now so I'm going to go back to studying since that is about 98% of my life right now.

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