Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - May 3rd - Week Fourteen Strict Keto Plus Measurements

Thursday Weigh-In - May 3rd:                      
05/03/2018:                                -0 pounds
Lost Since 01/29/18 Restart  -14.2 pounds
Total lost Since 06/29/15:      -72.2 pounds
Current Weight:                     157.8 pounds
Days Cheat-Free:                        95 days

Well, I didn't lose any weight this week but I am down 0.5 inches on almost everything in four weeks time and I had a huge NSV (non-scale victory) this week which makes me not be upset about the number on the scale at all... we did a body fat scan at the gym yesterday (it’s not 100% correct but it’s not bad) and I’m at 35.2%!

Healthy and no longer overweight for my age, weight and height is from 23% to 35% so I’m really close to to a "healthy" place rather than overweight. Far closer than I am on the BMI scale for sure.

Now I really need to consider if I want to keep striving towards my original goal weight or if I want to change my focus over to more health and using food as fuel.  I don't even know if I can get to that weight in the first place. I picked it because it was a round hundred pounds to lose but my biggest goals are to be healthy and fit, not skinny. I think I still have some weight to lose but maybe not as much as I assumed.

I obviously have a lot of thinking to do on this and it'll probably a long post all of its own but right now I think I want to look less at weight loss and more at health and fueling my body for my workouts. This doesn’t mean I won’t have weigh-in days or that I’m stopping keto, I just want to switch my focus away from the scale obsession and more into really eating to be healthy and strong and build more muscle!

I'm going to add the fat percentage to my weigh-in/measurements page and update it in another 3-4 weeks.

So for this coming week my workouts will continue as they have been but I want to really focus on healthy protein and veggies and replace my Atkins shakes dinners with actual food. Charles and I have a meal prepping day and some recipes ready to go!

I'll also be starting my personal training program on Tuesday so I'm both excited and slightly stressed about that! Oh and I did my CPR/AED/First Aid certification last Sunday so I'm officially certified to save lives now!

Here are my basic measurements for the last month and more complete ones are on my "weigh-ins and measurements" page:

Lost between 03/29 - 05/03      Total Lost:
Waist: - 0.5 inch                         10 inches
Hips: - 0.5 inch                        10.5 inches
Bust: - 0.5 inch                          9.5 inches
Chest: - 0 inch                            11 inches
Right arm: - 0 inches                   3 inches
Left arm:  - 0 inches                     3 inches
Right thigh: - 0.5 inch                  7 inches
Left thigh: - 0.5 inch                     7inches
Right calf: - 0.2 inches               2.7 inches
Left calf:   - 0.2 inches               2.7 inches
Jeans Size: no change                    6 sizes

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