Monday, May 21, 2018

Today's Personal Training Session and The Past Week of Yoga Challenge Photos Up to Sunday!

I had an amazing weekend with friends, stayed on plan, didn't track anything but in my head and didn't gain any weight... woohoo!

I am SO happy to be back to the gym though and I had a great training session today to learn some specific exercises from the LG workout plan that I didn't know how to do yet.

I was really surprised and happy to see how much more my body could do that I wasn't sure it would be able to, like have the correct form on the deadlift and squats, actually be able to do bench tricep dips and the hanging leg raises! I always forget how much stronger and more capable I am now and it feels amazing!

These are the exercises we focused on that I practiced and learned how to do correctly:
-Deadlifts (Barbell)
-Stiff Leg Deadlifts (Barbell)
-Tricep Dips (Bench)
-Glute Bridges (Barbell) on bench
-Squats (Barbell) – difference between front and back squats
-Good Mornings
-Hanging Leg Raises
-Rope Crunches (Cable)
-Upright Rows (Barbell)

I now feel much more capable of fully following the LG plan and getting a fantastic workout with correct form and I'm very excited that I can finally deadlift, load a barbell and use the squat rack and smith machine!

Tomorrow I'll do cardio since I did a full body practice session today and then Wednesday I should be able to restart the LG plan from week one!

And since I couldn't get online on my laptop all weekend, here are last week's yoga poses in order of doing them:

Day Fourteen May Yoga Challenge - Upward Plank Pose

Day Fifteen May Yoga Challenge - Lord of the Dance Pose

Day Sixteen May Yoga Challenge - Child's Pose

Day Seventeen May Yoga Challenge - Modified Camel Pose

Day Eighteen May Yoga Challenge - Cow Face Pose

Day Nineteen May Yoga Challenge - Fish Pose

Day Twenty May Yoga Challenge - Goddess Pose

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