Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Final Workout Decision

So, as you guys may know, the last two weeks I've had some issues with my back (probably because I'm spending a majority of my time sitting and studying) and I was going back and forth between the Lauren Gleisberg workouts and my own.

On Monday, as I had posted, I did my own workout and I loved it and all was good. Until Tuesday when my back started acting up again... sigh.

So I took a long look at the LG beginner's plan and a look long at my plan. Then I sat down with Nola (SNAP gym owner and certified personal trainer - thank you Nola!!) and we went over the LG beginner plan together and it is a great and safe plan for my back with a few edits and modifications. My own plan would require way, way, way more modifying than the LG one would and since I love that plan anyway, that is what I'm returning too!

The changes we're making to the plan are specifically being made to protect my back and keep it safe. We are switching out 4 exercises and modifying 3 exercises until my back and core are stronger and I can do the regular exercises again...

Switching out:
Deadlifts will be replaced with the bench prone row
Russian twists will be replaced with the standing cable oblique twist
Stiff-legged deadlifts will be replaced with a hamstring curl (not sure what kind yet but not the machine since that's already included)
Back squat will be replaced with a one-legged squat

Lat pulldown will be modified to using a lighter weight
Leg press machine will be modified to using a lighter weight
Ball hyperextensions will be just a ball extension

Everything else will be modified as needed as I go through the workouts. It takes 4 weeks to get through the beginners workout and I'm hoping that those 4 weeks will be enough time to get my back and core stronger so that I can go into Phase 1 without having to change a lot of the exercises.

I'm planning on starting tomorrow as my back is feeling better after putting heat on it yesterday and giving it a break.

I also want to add a few specific back stretches to my short post-workout stretch so I'll work on that today!

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