Saturday, June 2, 2018

My NASM Personal Trainer Journey - Week Four

Welcome back for part six of my of my weekly blog posts on my journey to becoming a personal trainer. Today I'm going to talk about Week Four and how it's been going.

Week four went really well. I know exactly how to put my own study guide together now so it takes less time, I know how to study to retain the information and I know how to prepare for the quizzes. I'm also more comfortable answering the discussion questions and this week was the first week I got 4 out 4 points on the discussion question versus my regular 3 out of 4 points so that felt great!

I also watched a webinar about the actual exam and discovered that we need to know all the muscles in Appendix D as well as their isolated functions. I mean, I knew Appendix D was important and I had already printed it and added to my study guide weeks ago, but I didn't realize we also had to memorize the functions until that webinar.

In order to have it make more sense to me I went through Appendix D specifically focusing on the muscles that showed up in the assessments and in the syndromes that we had learned about in Chapter 6 (which is what the program mentor told me to focus on). I then added notes to each of those muscles about where they showed up in the assessments (like the soleus muscle shows up as overactive with the knees turning it and feet turning on the Overhead Squat Assessment) and then I went ahead and googled the isolated function of the muscles so that it made sense in my head.

For example, sticking with the soleus, I need to know that the isolated function is to "concentrically accelerate plantarflexion" but what I added as my own notes is that it increases the angle between the foot and the leg and pushes the foot off the ground when walking, which actually helps me remember it better.  I did that for all the muscles and I think it will help. Module 7 is when this will officially show up so I have a little more time until then.

Someone also recommended a really great online game to me to learn the muscles better, which I had already mentioned on my blog when I talked about links to help you study and I really like it! It's called Poke-a-Muscle and it's really helping me learn them better. The only downside is that you have to unlock the levels to learn more and if you exit the game and come back none of the things you've done will be saved so you'll have to start all over again but I think that will just reinforce the learning so I can live with it.

I've also continued to take quizzes for all the modules just about daily and to keep making notes in the study guide on any new questions that popped up.

This coming week all I have is the mid-term which means I don't need to work on any new study guide parts and all that needs to be done is studying and taking the mid-term. Just like with the quizzes I have to get 80% but I can take it as many times as I want which I'm going to do because new questions will come up every time you take it.

I now have 61 days until my exam and I'm halfway through the course. I say bring on the second half!

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