Saturday, June 16, 2018

My NASM Personal Trainer Journey - Week Six

Welcome back for part eight of my of my weekly blog posts on my journey to becoming a personal trainer. Today I'm going to talk about Week Six and how it's been going.

This was one of the tougher weeks I've had so far in regard to everything we had to learn and life in general. What tripped me up the most was memorizing all the sets, reps, tempos, rest intervals and many, many other things for every part of the OPT model and every part of training. I'm actually still working on it.

I did get a 4 out of 4 on the discussion question again and I passed the quizzes I took (well, all but one) but I know I'm not done with this particular module yet because there's still so much to remember.

On top of that this has been a bad week both on terms of family issues and no gym at all for me so I'm tired and stressed and kind of discouraged right now. My plan is to keep going over the things I don't remember yet until I remember them because that's the only way to do this.

I am slowly getting it. It makes sense and for the most part I'm okay with it but I don't feel nearly confident about this past week as I had about the other weeks and because I already started work on the study guide for Module 7 I know that it's going to be a really, really tough one (I seriously spent 2 days on just the module 7 study guide so far). I know how much harder this week will be than the last and the last was far from easy.

So, basically I'm feeling out of it and discouraged right now because of the sheer amount on information that has to be learned and understood. But the only way to do it is just to start learning and not stop until I got it so that's the plan.

Only 47 days left until my exam.

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