Saturday, June 30, 2018

My NASM Personal Trainer Journey - Week Eight

Welcome back for part ten of my weekly blog posts on my journey to becoming a personal trainer. Today I'm going to talk about Week Eight and how it's been going.

Week Eight was a tough one because of the sheer amount of information (although the last couple chapters weren't too bad) and because I'm still working on learning and memorizing everything from Week Seven and before that.

The hardest part of this week was Chapter 16 which was the chapter on special populations and chronic health conditions. I'm especially interested in the chronic health conditions because I suffer from a few of those and that's really the population I'd like to help but each one had it's own modalities, warnings, suggestions and workout sets/reps so it's a lot to remember.

It was really good in a way because my Mom wants me to set up a training plan for her and she has 4-5 of the chronic conditions listed so as I went through the chapter I was mentally able to picture my mom and slowly plan what kind of workout I'd create for her based on what I was learning and that helped me both retain the info and start slowly working on her plan.

These are also the last set of chapters in the book and the only thing I had left in there was Appendix E which is the focus of Week 9. I went ahead and printed that so that everything is in my study guide binder and at my fingertips. So the study guide, along with all the print outs and appendixes, is now complete and it's huge. Here it is and keep mind that this was the biggest binder that Wal-Mart carried!

And just like before, I went through after every quiz that I took and jotted down notes in the study guide as I went along, marking and highlighted the most important parts.

The other big thing that I did this past week was I went through all of the muscles in the assessments, core musculature and squat/push/pull mover muscles (agonist antagonist, synergist and stabilizers) and I wrote in the concentric actions of all of those muscles under their image in my study guide. That way I don't just have all of the muscle actions listed in Appendix D but I also now have them spread throughout my study guide in the place where they belong which will help me memorize them.

I also watched two webinars, one for Domain 3 and one for prepping for the Exam and jotted down notes from that as well.

The discussion question also went a lot faster this week than it normally does and I think I did okay with it but it hasn't been graded yet so I'm still waiting on that.

It was also really interesting to read the chapters on how to be a good trainer and how to have a successful trainer business and it really made me think about how I picture myself as a trainer and how I'd like to work. I pretty much see myself as a part-time independent contractor and I'd love to work with people both in the gym and in their homes because I have a lot of knowledge and experience working out at home as well as a lot of handy supplies but I'm not going to worry to much about all that right now. Now the focus remains on finishing this course and passing the exam. The rest can come after!

This coming week I basically need to Study Appendix E which is Exercise Science Updates and contains "quick checks" on every page of everything we should know and be familiar with by now. My plan is to go through those one by one and jot down the answers, definitions or chapters numbers of where to find the info depending on what the quick check is asking for.

For example, if it's asking me for a definition of a word or something like what is healthy blood pressure and heart rate, those can be written in right on the page but if it's asking me about the information in the overhead squat assessment, there's no way that will fit into the small space I have to wrote down notes so that would be written as the chapter number in my study guide where the info is located and also marked off as being a question from Appendix E next to that item.

It might sound like I'm overcomplicating everything but this is what's been working for me and since I'm on a pretty good track with it right now I'm going to keep doing it this way. I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared.

33 days to go until Exam day!

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