Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday, June 2nd Workout - Lauren Gleisberg Gym 1.0 Workout - Optional Beginner Phase: Week 1A: Chest + Triceps + Abs + Cardio & Stretch

I had a fantastic workout today and I'm so thrilled to be back at the gym!

I did end up doing the same workout as I did Monday since I needed to restart the LG plan but I upped my weights on just about everything, did a 10-minute treadmill warm up instead of other warm ups (which I will continue to do since my back is handling it fine right now) and added a 20 minute extra cardio session on the Arc Trainer. I can feel those amazing endorphins kicking in as I type lol.

I also discovered that my new MyZone tracker IS recording my full workout but the full one isn't showing up on the main page of the app, only one short, incomplete one is which is very frustrating. I looked this up on their support page and it seems like only your most recent workout will show up on the front page and since it's tracking several workouts a day for me (since I do several workouts) only the newest will show which is my stretch which is why it's showing such a low workout range and time.

Also, it's logging a much longer "workout time" than the Fitbit because I put it on before I leave home and don't take it off between workouts so it records the driving to the gym time, getting ready, the times in between workouts when my Fitbit isn't recording and whatever time after the stretch until I take off so the time that shows up on that tracker is much, much longer than what shows up on the Fitbit which is only recording each workout from start to finish (so according to the MyZone my full workout time today was 1 hour, 57 minutes but according to the Fitbit my full workout time was 1 hour, 29 minutes) so the numbers don't really add up but it's still nice having two sets of info to look at anyway!

But, the time below is based on actual, recorded Fitbit time so nothing extra get included by accident!

I can't wait to go back for Back + Biceps tomorrow!!

Lauren Gleisberg Gym 1.0 Workout - Optional Beginner Phase: Week 1A: Chest + Triceps + Abs Plus Cardio & Stretch: 1 hour, 29 Minutes Total Time


Treadmill - 10 minutes, incline: 1, speed 3.3, distance: 0.45 miles, steps: 1,128

Weight Training:

Chest + Triceps + Abs: 47 Minutes

Additional Cardio:

Arc Trainer info:
time: 20 minutes, Resistance Level 15, incline 6, distance: 0.86 miles, steps: 2,099

Full Body Basic Stretch - 12 Minutes

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