Friday, June 1, 2018

So Much to Talk About...

... so I'm going to break it down into different parts:

1) I did my very first 24-hour fast yesterday and today and I felt amazing the whole time! The last time I tried I ended up with a bad, bad migraine by hour 17 or so but this time no major hunger, no headaches, no nothing!

This isn't something I want to do every few days but I enjoyed it so I'll probably try it again within the month if not sooner. What I'm hoping is that it will help me break this f'ing plateau but we'll see what happens.

2) No more Isopure shakes again... I sat down today and really looked over the last week of how I felt (and feel) and what's been going on with my body and realized that the bloating is back and that my stomach issues have acted up after every single Isopure shake :/  I didn't really connect it all until today because my stomach acts up a lot (IBS sucks) which is why I thought it was actually going well for me but when I made myself look at the week as a whole and at every physical incident I had to deal with, it became pretty obvious.

But, like I said when I first reintroduced it into my diet, this was an experiment to see how I would react to it WITHOUT the Atkins shakes and it's just getting slightly worse with each day.

So I'm setting it aside for the next week and we'll see what happens to all the issues I've been having. If they go away then I know that Isopure is out for me for sure. If not, then it's not the problem. That's really the only way to do this. Also this leads right into...

3) needing some real food. I finally watched "The Magic Pill" which is a keto documentary I've been meaning to watch for months now and I really enjoyed. It also made me want to eat actual food instead of bars and shakes. I've talked about doing this numerous times in the past but it somehow never lasts very long but I'm so sick of protein bars and protein shakes. I just want to eat some actual food and after this fast I'm honestly craving vegetables... go figure.

So I'm going to try to repair my diet piece by piece while still keeping it keto but at a higher level of carbs because I want more veggies that I love. I figure that as long as the carbs stay under 50 net I'm good, dropping them down to under 23 net did nothing except take away my butternut squash option away from me and, frankly, I'd rather have butternut squash and get a lower carb amount. I obviously can't change all my food cold turkey and go from processed crap to clean eating overnight but if I just take it meal by meal I may be able to do it and, as always, Charles is willing to help and to cook. I just need to find the recipes and actually eat what he makes.

4) Now we come to me changing my mind about the workouts I'm doing, again. Basically, after several days of thinking about it and comparing things in my head I decided to stick it out to the Lauren Gleisberg workout plan and actually complete at least one full plan (12 weeks) before changing my mind again.

While I love the variety of my plan I don't think it will push me hard enough or force me more out of my comfort zone than the LG workout would plus with the LG workout I just do what it tells me too, I don't make excuses for skipping exercises or workouts because if I'm going to do it then I'm in all the way and I would never think to push myself in certain exercises as hard as her workout will tell me to do (I hope that makes sense).

And I don't think my workout progression is set up correctly and I honestly don't have time to figure it out and mess with it now. I want to do what I know will work for me and I know that her workout does.

I do think I need to add more cardio to it for the beginner's stage (even if just 20-30 minutes) but she says that those options are up to us and I think it'll just depend on how long my workouts take me. If my weight training routine is short enough I can add the extra cardio on those days, if it's longer than I expected then I'll just skip it.

So, I'm going to start with Week1A: chest, triceps and abs again tomorrow (with cardio since that workout takes me just under an hour) and this time I WILL keep going because I really, truly miss the gym and the endorphins I get from working out!

So, I think this may actually cover everything and if I happened to miss something I'll post more on it another day!

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