Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Past Week of Yoga Challenge Photos!

This past week was a really great one for yoga! I loved my poses and did better on some of the older ones (like today's half moon) than I expected.  I also had one new pose, the monkey (or split) pose, but I modified it to a one-legged or half-monkey because I can't do a full split yet.

I'm planning my own self-created yoga challenge for July but that will be a blog post in and off itself!

Here are the poses in order of doing them:

Day Eighteen June Yoga Challenge - Pigeon Pose  

Day Nineteen June Yoga Challenge - Extended Side Angle Pose 

Day Twenty June Yoga Challenge - Revolved Chair Pose 

Day Twenty-one June Yoga Challenge - Knees to Chest Pose 

Day Twenty-two June Yoga Challenge - Monkey Pose (modified to one leg)

Day Twenty-three June Yoga Challenge - Eagle Pose 

Day Twenty-four June Yoga Challenge - Half Mood Pose (modified with yoga blocks)

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