Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7th Workout - Lauren Gleisberg Gym 1.0 Workout - Optional Beginner Phase: Week 1A: LISS Cardio & Full Body Gentle Yoga Stretch

I had another great workout today despite how sore my legs and butt were from yesterday's leg day! Since all I had on schedule was a 30-minute low intensity cardio session I was finally able to add my beloved full body gentle yoga stretch. It felt fantastic to do it again! I hope I can make time for it at least once a week now.

And, now that today's workout is done, I have officially completed one full week of the Lauren Gleisberg program which, honestly, has never happened before with my gym workouts so I'm thrilled!

Tomorrow I have a rest day and then on Saturday I start Week 2 of the plan!

Lauren Gleisberg Gym 1.0 Workout - Optional Beginner Phase: Week 1A:LISS Cardio & Full Body Gentle Yoga Stretch: 1 hour, 2 Minutes Total Time

LISS Cardio on Treadmill: 
30 Minutes, incline: 1, speed 3.6-3.7, distance: 1.37 miles

Full Body Gentle Yoga Stretch - 32 Minutes
Mountain Pose
Neck Rolls
Neck Stretch (opposite arm reaching out)
Overhead Triceps Stretch
Shoulder Stretch (bending stretching arm)
Eagle Pose
Open Arms Chest Stretch Using the Doorway
Wrist Stretch (facing up and down)
Downward Facing Dog Pose
One-Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose
Dolphin Pose
Warrior I Pose
Warrior II Pose (palms facing up or down)
Extended Triangle Pose
Extended Side Angle Pose
Wide-Legged Forward Fold
Crescent High Lunge Pose
Half Moon Pose (using yoga blocks as needed)
Forward Fold Pose (using both arms to hug legs around the knees)
Chair Pose
Revolved Chair Pose
Intense Side Stretch Pose
Tree Pose
Lord of the Dance Pose (hold on to something as needed)
Warrior III Pose (hold on to something as needed)
Plank Pose
Forearm Plank Pose
Easy Pose With Ear to Shoulder
Seated Mountain Pose (with arms stretched overhead)
Seated Side Bend Pose
Cow Face Pose
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Bound Angle Pose
Tortoise Pose
Cross-Legged Forward Bend Pose
Lotus Pose (start with Half Lotus and carefully work up from there)
Hero Pose (bring tailbone in and up to take pressure off the knees)
Camel Pose
Child's Pose
Extended Puppy Pose
Cat/Cow Pose
Thread the Needle (move far arm way over from opposite shoulder)
Cobra Pose
Upward-Facing Dog Pose
Locust Pose
Bow Pose
Bridge Pose
Upward Plank Pose
Knee to Head Forward Bend Pose
Boat Pose
Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend Pose
Pigeon Pose (slowly work on moving bent leg out more)
Supported Shoulder Stand Pose (use yoga blocks as needed)
Plow Pose (use yoga blocks as needed)
Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Knee to Chest Pose
Hamstring Stretch (use yoga strap and stretch leg across body to the left and right as well as straight up)
Eye of the Needle Pose
Supine Spinal Twist Pose (bend both knees to protect back)
Corpse Pose

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