Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - June 14th - Week Twenty Strict Keto

Thursday Weigh-In - June 14th:                 
06/14/2018:                             +0.4 pounds
Lost Since 01/29/18 Restart  -14.2 pounds
Total lost Since 06/29/15:      -72.2 pounds
Current Weight:                     157.8 pounds
Days Cheat-Free:                      137 days

Well, the scale is up my almost half a pound but considering the crappy week I've had I'm not worried about it. If it goes up again next week I'll have to take a look at what I'm doing and see if something needs to be changed but for now things are okay.

I'm also dealing with a nasty headache today that's verging on a full-blown migraine thanks to the crazy barometric pressure changes so that's not fun and my plan is now to go to the gym tomorrow right after work.

The rest of the day will be spent taking Advil (or whatever else works) and studying. That's about all I have for today.

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