Monday, July 30, 2018

Keto, NASM and Working Out ~ Some Things to Talk About...

I'm going break this down into bullet points to simplify this post...
  • I'm still floundering around with my diet and food choices. I'm not cheating for the most part but I haven't been tracking either. Every day I get up with the goal to start tracking and get serious about keto again and every day I just don't do it. Since we have a new month coming up I figure Thursday can just be my new, official Day 1 because that's when I weigh-in anyway. Until then I'm going to carry on with "lazy keto" and try to let it go for now.
  • I got all the information on the NASM gym internship/trainer development program and I'm slightly terrified lol. I'm not sure what I was expecting but this internship involves weekly activities, assignments, discussion questions and all sorts of things for the 8 weeks that you do it. I l also had to write a resume in order to get the process started (it's now been started and I should have a placement by August 30th if they can find a gym within 20 mils of my home that will accept me). I'm excited yet scared of this whole thing but if I'm pretty sure that's a normal feeling :/
  • Because of the upcoming internship and the fact that I need to start the CES program (which is 15 modules long) plus the small business accelerator program and everything else that goes on in my life I've decided to totally switch up the way I work out. I'm switching to the Upper/Lower Body plan instead of splitting the week into more body parts because that will simplify my week and will make it easier if I have to miss a day. That way it won't throw off my workouts as much as the Push/Pull/Legs/Abs split would have. My workout is created and ready to go so I'm planning on being back in the gym tomorrow.
  • The Yoga Challenge for August is one that I created (with help from my friend Dawn) instead of using one that's premade so I'm very excited about it! It's mostly poses that either I have never done before or have maybe done once or twice in all the time I've been doing yoga. I can't wait to try it out and I fully expect to be seriously challenged because most of it is brand new to me. I'll do a blog post with a full list of poses later this week before we kick it off!
  • I also want to (and probably need to) get more involved with the fitness community around me. I can't really teach a class (something I'll need to do in the last few weeks of my internship) if I don't actually take some classes and I really want to become a bigger part of the fitness environment around me. It's time to spread out my wings and try some new stuff instead of isolating myself in my home!
I think that's all I have for now but I'll be doing the August yoga challenge post really soon so check back for that!

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