Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Nine Days Out From NASM-CPT Exam

So, I moved my NASM-CPT exam up by a week from August 2nd to July 26th and I currently have nine days to go. I decided to move it because I wanted to take it while the information was still fresh in my head and because I didn't want to obsesses over it for an extra week so the next nine days are going to be all about studying.

I'm doing really well on the NASM study guide module quizzes and much, much better on the CPT app that I have. I've also paid for 3 additional exams and so far I've passed two of them and haven't taken the third one yet. I'm not thrilled with  my scores because they recommend a score of 108-120 to feel confident in taking your test and mine have been 102 and 104 but I'm getting there and I can retake them until I answer the questions better.

Today (I've already taken a bunch of practice quizzes) my plan is to the watch the last webinar on the 5th and 6th domains that I haven't seen yet and to rewatch all of the module videos and then take more quizzes and study. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all the videos into today but I'm going to try.

Now if I could just get rid if this headache I'd be very happy!

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