Friday, July 20, 2018

This is the Theme that Never Ends...

So I'm still playing around with my official Day 1 lol.

I'm not cheating but I'm also not being as strict as I should be with my carbs (as my headaches can attest) and I decided that the starting Day 1 needs to be the same day for food and exercise so I'm shooting for tomorrow because I'm going to the gym tomorrow even if it means wrapping myself in bubble wrap ;)

I know this whole Day 1 start and restart and restart again is probably getting a little old for you guys so if tomorrow does end up being my "official" Day 1 I'm not making a whole new Day 1 post for it because my weight, measurements and body fat % are more or less the same as they were a few days ago so it doesn't need to be reposted. I'll just mark it off on MyFitnessPal and on my weigh-in page and go from there.

I also think I might go back to the Fitbit for my "official" (why yes, I am obsessing about things being "official") steps taken and calories burned because even though the MyZone is more accurate for the calories burned it doesn't count steps taken and the basic walking I do throughout the day and I miss that plus it doesn't connect to MFP so it has to be manually entered and I'm finding myself missing the extra numbers I used to get.

Like, I didn't wear the MyZone on our walk yesterday because it wasn't really a workout but I did log over 7,000 steps for the day but they didn't show up on MFP because I had unhooked the Fitbit from it so I could manually enter the MyZone instead but since I didn't wear the MyZone and had the Fitbit unhooked, nothing registered at all. Still with me?

So, I'm still going to use the MyZone while working out but I'll also wear the Fitbit and reconnect it to MFP so I'll be logging Fitbit info instead of the MyZone info and just know that it's undercounting my calories by several hundred which isn't a huge deal anyway since I don't eat back all the calories that I burn.

I think that covers most of my obsessing for today and hopefully getting my butt back to the gym and working out will let my brain calm down and relax a little!

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