Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - July 26th - Week One Strict Keto

Well, on the plus side I'm five days into no cheating which is the longest I've gone in a really long time!

On the minus side, even with no cheating, sticking to the plan and working out 4 days this week I lost no weight at all and I'm up ten pounds in a month which is really, really discouraging.

I would be somewhat upset about this except for two things...

1) I am so insanely sore from my workouts that I know my muscles are retaining water right now.

2) I didn't cheat but I also didn't eat healthy keto.

My week consisted of keto muffins (good choice), protein bars (not a good choice), protein shakes (also not the best choice) and ChocZero because I was so insanely busy studying and working out that I didn't want to deal with anything I had to put effort into.

This will change this week as long as I pass my exam today!

My plan for this coming week is to stick to no cheating (although I'm still tempted to celebrate with food if I pass but I'm trying to ignore that temptation so I guess we'll see what happens) and to hit the gym at least five times.

I think that covers it for now because I want to run through a couple more practice exams before I head out for my actual exam. And, yes, my anxiety is through the roof right now!

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