Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - July 5th - Strict Keto New Start

Thursday Weigh-In - July 5th:                          
06/26/2015 Starting Weight:       230 lbs
07/05/2018:                              163.6 lbs
Total lost Since 06/26/15:         -66.4 lbs
Days Cheat-Free:                          0 days

As you can see I've made some changes to the way I do my weigh-in blog post and the fact that I am starting again from Day 1.

First, I had a controlled cheat day yesterday due to basically having a stressful and crappy week and just saying f*ck it and taking a day off. I didn't even cheat all day, I just had one big meal so that was progress and even better progress than that, I have no desire to binge or to continue cheating and that is HUGE for me!!

I'm not even sure I want to do Chinese food and cake for passing my CPT exam on the first try (if I pass) because that's only 28 days away and that's just way to close of a time. I don't want to put in tons of hard work and then just throw it away on one day when I could always celebrate without using food which should be a goal of mine anyway.

And since my fibromyalgia is acting up again after the cheat meal (which I expected) I want to do what's best for me and healthiest for my body and that happens to be keto without cheats so that's the plan at least until Christmas when I will take some time off.

I also decided to include a photo of the scale every week because normally I would post the scale photo on Instagram and then write up a blog post on the weigh-in and post that as well so I'm combining them into one post to simplify my life. Plus I don't exactly have a goal weight right now so I have no huge expectations for my weight except to have it go back down to where it was a few weeks ago when I was plateauing. If it drops more then yay, if not then no big deal. My big goals are to get lean and build some muscle so the scale will do whatever it will do and I'm not letting the numbers control me anymore but I still want to keep an eye on which way it goes just because that's what I do.

Today I'm starting with a 24 hour fast just to kick keto into high gear (and because I like how they make me feel) and I also decided to give the keto-mojo another try (I will be doing a post on it one of these days) and see if I can use it as a tool without completely obsessing about it. So far that's going well but if that changes I know to stop using it.

My plan now is to stick with strict keto but not to cut out specific foods just because they change some of the keto-mojo numbers. I've decided I'm fine with cutting way back on protein bars and shakes but I don't want to get rid of them completely because they're convenient and fast when I need them. It's all about what works for me and I've been doing this keto thing long enough to know exactly what that is.

And I still want to work on getting in decent amounts of protein, especially on days I work out with weights but, once again, that needs to be done without obsessing about it!

So, basically, I had a cheat day I don't regret and I'm back on track already so I'm considering that awesome progress over what happened last Christmas!

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