Saturday, August 4, 2018

August 4th New Start Weigh-In - Week Zero Strict Keto - Updated, Edited and Reposted!

EDIT: I am slightly changing the Day 1 plan but not for the reasons you might think... I did NOT cheat lol. 

But I have noticed that the scale has been up significantly since my last Day 1 on the 1st so that's the number that should have been my official restart weigh-in number. I always forget that the weight goes way up a day and two AFTER a major cheat day, not the very next day!

Also, I haven't been cheating at all but I also haven't been tracking and weighing/measuring everything like I should and I really wanted my new restart day one to be the same day for diet and exercise so today is the last, final, new Day one. 

Yes, I know constantly having a new Day One is annoying and repetitive but this is what works for me and eventually I hit one that I stick to so that's what I'm doing.

After many, many, many restarts over the last six weeks or so I have decided to really rededicate myself to keto and healthy eating again. This time I'm trying a slightly different approach where I've decided to do one full year of no cheat keto and today is Day One.

I've talked about trying to go for a year before but this time I'm really serious about it and ready to jump in with both feet.

I'm tired of unhealthy food and cheat days (although I very much enjoyed my favorite cheat foods on Tuesday in preparation for this coming year). I'm tired of being bloated and feeling cruddy, of the headaches and the fibro pain, of having no energy and of the scale slowly going higher and higher with each passing week and my clothes getting tighter.

It's time to suck things up, admit I fell all way off the wagon and get back on already! The fact that I'm up 14.4 lbs since my lowest weight so far is depressing but it is what it is and I did this to myself. I may not have many major cheats in the last two months but I obviously ate enough calories to more than make up for the lack of cheats plus pushing my carb amounts to as close to 50 total as possible also didn't help.

Like I said, a few days ago I ate some of my favorite carby foods and after I was SO ready to get on with this and while I did great with the no cheat foods I also continued on with lazy keto which is really bad for me and now I'm done with that as well.

The longest I've ever gone cheat-free so far has been 199 days and I am ready to beat that record and go longer even though that includes all the holidays in the next year. I think I can do it though. If I can survive the first week to ten days I know I'll be okay and I also know I need to watch for that 5-6 month stretch where I just get fed up (hahaha) with keto and dieting and just want to binge. That's usually when it hits so I need to be ready for the cravings!

I still plan to do rewards every 25 days of no cheating that goes by and my plan to not give in is that if I do give in and cheat I have to give up my internet access for 48 hours and for those
who know me that is never, ever, ever, EVER going to happen 😂😂 so I think that's the best barrier to cheating that I could have possibly come up with!

I know this won't be easy all the time and that I'll have good days and bad days but I want this. Keto is when I feel my healthiest and look my best and I'm willing to work for it!

I'll be trying a lot of new foods and recipes to keep from getting bored and I'll also be working on cutting back on the processed food but this will take some time so I'm taking this one week, one day and one hour at a time!

I know I can do this. I know I have it in me to control my cravings and my behaviors. There are no more excuses. This is happening and it's happening now.

Who's with me?

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