Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Keto, Cheat Days and Doing What Works for Me

Okay, to be clear, I did not have a "cheat day" I had a cheat meal (Chinese food and there was no dessert involved) and I am currently okay with that but let me back up.

The last two weeks that I have been doing keto I have not been happy with my plan or myself. Yes, I was sticking to it but something just didn't feel right and all I could think about was cheating and I couldn't figure out why because everything else was just like I used to do it and I normally love keto.

Then today the desire for Chinese food became overwhelming and once we actually talked it out and ordered it the whole thing came together for me: the reason I was hating what I was doing was because of the timeline I imposed on myself.

Previously I was able to say "on Christmas I can take a day off and enjoy whatever" or "on a special occasion I can take a day off" or "I'll go as long as I can and then we'll see." But when I imposed that one year rule of keto on myself my brain revolted. I guess it couldn't handle the concept of being super strict for an entire year and that made me want to cheat 24/7. I can't really explain it better than that but it makes sense to me in my head.

So I'm changing the game plan a little including the 48 hours of no internet time not being a thing anymore (because I can't do it with all the NASM stuff I'm doing).

I definitely want to do no cheat keto for a while, even 6 months would work for me, but I also want to have a day I can look forward to where I know I'll be able to get a break and eat whatever sounds good. This is what worked for me last year and what allowed me to go 199 days cheat free. Knowing that I had Christmas day to look forward too, that I could count down too, allowed me to stick to the plan for as long as I did and I think that's what will allow me to stick to it again without hating everything about it!

Of course I don't want the one cheat day to turn into a cheat month again but I'm getting much better at controlling that so let's hope for the best here.

And, yeah, I might not feel too great right now physically but mentally I actually feel ready to recommit to keto for a while and I feel pretty good knowing that I can definitely go from today to Christmas day without cheating. Like, I feel that it's really doable to me whereas yesterday I was thinking about almost an entire year or being strict and felt miserable about it.

So that's what's going on. The plan has been edited, I had food I enjoyed and now I'm back at it and I feel good mentally and emotionally which is a win in my book!

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