Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday Weigh-In - August 23rd - A New Start and Facing Some Bitter Truths...

After many starts, restarts, false starts and even more restarts I think I'm finally ready to get back on track with no cheat keto (at least until Christmas and then I'll decide once I get there).

I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel and I miss the person I was this past spring when I was sticking to the plan and exercising almost every day.

Plus, I really had to suck it up and face some bitter truths this week:

1) Oh, I only gained back a few pounds... bitter truth: no, I'm up a total of 16.2 lbs from my lowest weight back in June. That's a really large amount and it's going to take me months of work to lose that again!

2) But my clothes still fit... bitter truth: no, my clothes fit because I've been living in stretchy yoga pants all summer but it was chilly yesterday so I had to wear jeans to work and I was barely able to squeeze into my 8's when I was comfortably wearing a 6 back in June.

3) But I look good... bitter truth: no, I may look better than I did when I first started losing weight but I can definitely see a big difference in how I'm not as toned, fit or lean anymore.

4) But I feel okay... bitter truth: no, I don't. My headaches are back, my fibro flares are back and I feel tired and unhealthy.

5) But I'm not cheating... bitter truth: No. Stop it! Bites and lick and sips all count! Just because they're small and just because I'm not writing them down and tracking them doesn't mean they're not happening! Calories, sugar and carbs aren't simply not going to count if they're not written down!! Everything counts!!

I'm done lying to myself and telling myself things aren't that bad because they are. I HAVE to get back on track, if not just for my weight but for my health and it starts today. No more excuses and no more crap.

It starts today!

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