Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Workout Plans, Programming and Obsessions

So, let's talk workout plans. I've been going back and forth on workout plans for a while now planning, replanning, deciding, starting, changing my mind, restarting again and back to planning. Sometimes it feels like my brain is trapped on a constantly running hamster wheel and just won't stop long enough to let me take in a deep breath.

Luckily, yesterday evening I went to a "sip'n'stretch" at DGBodyworks which was mostly relaxing foam rolling and gentle yoga and it was amazing. Not only was my body relaxed but my mind actually stopped whirling and running and calmed down which allowed me to realize a few things.

I love programming workouts and I enjoy it a lot but it's one thing to program for real/hypothetical clients and another programming for myself. I have no problems working on it other others. I don't obsess and I get it done.

But when I program for myself I go off the rails. I become hyper-focused and so intent on getting every last detail perfect that I lose sight of the big picture and just kind of flounder. I don't know why there's a such a big difference but I decided yesterday, after my mind calmed, that I'm going to step back from programing for myself.

I'm going to restart the Lauren Gleisberg gym weight training workout one but this time I will be sure to modify a lot more (I'm looking at you incline bench pushup which threw my back out last time) and, when I have time, add extra moves like some pilates.

Once my brain was much calmer it occurred to me that I don't have to follow the workout to a T. Maybe I can't do a deadlift with my back right now. Does that mean I need to toss the whole workout out the window and look for something new? No! It means I modify or replace that move and do what I can do. It's that simple and there's no reason to make it any harder.

So that's my plan right. The workout is ready to go, I know what and how to modify the things that need it and I love her workouts so this should work out well as long as I'm careful and actually stick to this!

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