Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Major Social Media Name Change - PLEASE READ!

As you guys may (or may not) have noticed, there have been some major name changes going on with my social media sites including this blog, my Instagram, my Twitter and several other places so here's a quick update to what's going on...

I have an official name for my personal training business so I'm changing my social media accounts to reflect the new name and it's taking some time and some trial and error to get this done correctly without too many issues!

My business name is "One Day More Fitness" (I'll talk about choosing the name and it's meaning in later posts) which is what this blog, as well as my instagram, twitter and some other places, will now be known as.

You can still reach this blog at www.caloriesandcoffee.com as well as www.onedaymorefitness.com and the second link should immediately redirect you to the blog you're currently reading.

My instagram and twitter have also been changed from "caloriesandcoffee" to "onedaymorefitness." and I will have a professional Facebook page for my business as well as other online locations.

My blog will also reflect this change in more detailed posts about my workouts and more personal training and fitness posts in general while continuing with the keto/weight-loss/general life aspects as well.

Thank you for understanding and patience as I transition my online presence into this new chapter!!

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