Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Weight Training Plan - Rethought, Reconsidered and Replanned...EDITED

The last few days have been filled with a lot of thinking and not much doing for a variety of reasons I'm not going to go into now but I've really had to think long and hard about how important working out is to me and how to make it a big part of my daily life again.

I went between several different workouts and planning for both home and gym before finally deciding to sit back, ask myself some questions and truly listen to how I answered them in order to make a final decision that is logical and one that I will be the most consistent with. And what it comes down to, once again, is that I need to base my main workouts in my home gym. Here is why...

I am most consistent and at my happiest when I work out at home. I think it's because my gym is right there in the living room, I can fit it in at any time and bad weather and short amounts of workouts that I have to split up don't matter at home, I can easily take breaks if I'm needed and I can watch whatever movies I want to keep me going.

Yes, I love the gym and I miss it but with my current schedule, activities and life, I need to find something simple and my home gym allows for that. In fact, the longest I've ever stuck to a workout plan has been at home and I saw great results from it.

This doesn't meant I'm giving up the gym. It just means that the majority of my workouts won't be based on it. I'm going to plan on getting there once or twice a week for now for things that I can't do at home (weight training and cardio machines mostly) but my steady, daily plan will be home based for now.

I still have six weeks on the internship to get through along with thirteen more difficult modules for the Corrective Exercise program followed by a tough exam to actually get certified (luckily this one is at home and online), I need to take some exercises classes to observe how it's done (both from the instructor and the participant angle) and that, along with a lot of other things in my life, make simplifying as much as I can a necessity. Working out at home is simplifying for me. My workout is created, I have all the equipment I need and I just need to get off my butt, walk three steps and do it!

I am still slightly torn on which workout to use. I was going to start with my Push/Pull/Legs/Abs A-G workout instead of the LG one for several reasons but I am also tempted to try the Lauren Gleisberg Home Weight Training Plan 1.

For my workout, I like the immense amount of variety in it because I don't repeat the exact same workout for the full 6-7 weeks that it takes for me to complete this plan and I end up working my body from numerous different angles and in numerous different ways.

I also love this workout because I end up trying out a huge variety of exercises that use body weight, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, weighted balls and so on and I want to try all of these exercises out so that I know how they should be done and how I feel doing them because, to me, the best way to teach it is to do it. And for cardio I have the WATP DVDs which I actually enjoy doing.

And, like I've said before, I love the fact that I incorporate a whole yoga plan and some pilates into my plan along with weight training and cardio.

Plus this plan is modified to be safe on my back and I love the idea of having an entire day set aside for ab and core work out of every 4-day cycle because that's one of the things I need the most to strengthen and protect my back.

For the Lauren Geisberg plan, it's less variety but still a lot that would keep me from getting bored and it really looks like a fantastic workout. Plus everything is decided for me. I don't have to plan a rep range or an exercise order, or how much cardio to do. I just open the page to that particular day and go. And it's modified (by me) for my back as well. It does have way, way less abs than my plan but that could still work for me if I give it a try.

It's also progressed way better than my workout because mine kind of meanders for the full six weeks while Lauren's changes up every four weeks to a new kind of workout and uses a bigger mix up of workout days. Mine is Push/Pull/Legs/Abs for the whole plan while her changes depending on what phase cycle you're in. I would also still be doing the WATP DVDs for cardio.

And I love the results I'm seeing on other LG users and it totally pushes me out of my comfort zone which I probably need, plus I've run my workout once already and have never gotten completely through hers so... yeah, I'm torn.

Whichever I choose, I really want to dedicate myself to sticking it out for the entire workout plan, be it six weeks for mine or twelve for hers and if I can dedicate myself to keto and stick to that I know I can to this as well.

I'm really looking forward to getting started with one of these plans on Friday (I'll obviously decide by then) and if I can get to gym twice next week (my gym for working out, not my internship gym, I'll be training at that one tomorrow evening) I will be very happy!

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