Friday, October 19, 2018

100 Days of Keto Challenge - Day Forty - Weigh-In Four!

I'm only down 0.2 lbs in the last ten days and I'm actually happy with it.  I broke the pattern in these last ten days by weighing in more often and I'm glad I did because if I'd gotten on the scale for the first time today and saw such a small loss I would have probably been devastated, but since I was mentally ready for a gain, this number was a pleasant surprise!

The scale had shown a gain this past week every time that I got on it so I was fully prepared to see a gain this morning. I didn't cheat, I didn't go over my calories, I drank all my water... so what went wrong?

Well, it took me a little while but I finally figured it out a couple of days ago! In this last 10-day round of the keto challenge I added the Isopure protein powder back in and was making home made protein shakes and hoping for the best and that had to be it. They've stalled me before, they definitely bloated me and that's the only thing I've done differently.

I know it was stupid to keep trying them when I pretty much know what the outcome will be but I was hoping that if I tried them in smaller amounts with no Atkins shakes at all and without the digestive enzymes (which made me really sick) that maybe they would work.

I guess I was wrong. My body just can't handle them. And that would explain the bloating that seemed to come out of nowhere.

So, no more Isopure shakes again for good this time (and, yes, I've said that before but I mean it this time). I also have not been buying Atkins shakes and have almost fully cut them out of my food plan replacing them with actual food like chicken.

And, on the plus side, I'm back in the 160's so I'm good with that. I also didn't lose any inches at all this week, but I think some of that is coming from the bloating from the shakes plus that should improve once I start working out again tomorrow.

Right now my goal is to shoot for working out wherever I can fit it in. I printed my at-home weight training plan but it could also easily be done at the gym so I'm going to work out wherever I have time to workout. Some days will be at home, some days will be at the gym and I'm tried of obsessing about it. As long as I do something somewhere I'll be happy.

My goals for the next round of 10 days are to continue to eat healthy with no cheating, do one 24-hour fast and get back to regular workouts. I'm also not going to only weigh-in every ten days anymore because, due to where I am mentally right now, I can't handle the not knowing.

100-Days of Keto Challenge 4th 10-Day Check-In Numbers:

169.8 lbs

Total Weight Lost in 4th 10 Days of Challenge:
-0.2 lbs

Total Weight Lost in 40 Days of Challenge:
-6.4 lbs

Measurements:              Change from 10/09/2018 
Waist: 35 inches                        (- 0.0 inches)
Hips: 39 inches                         (- 0.0 inches)
Bust: 39 inches                          (- 0.0 inches)
Chest: 33.5 inches                     (- 0.0 inches)
Right arm: 12.25 inches             (-0.0 inches)
Left arm:  12.25 inches               (-0.0 inches)   
Right thigh: 23.25 inches           (- 0.0 inches)
Left thigh: 22.75 inches             (- 0.0 inches)
Right calf: 15.25 inches               (-0.0 inches)
Left calf:   15.25 inches               (-0.0 inches)
Jeans Size: size 8                          (no change)

Total Inches Lost in 4th 10 Days of Challenge:
-0.0 inches

Total Inches Lost in 40 Days of Challenge:
-12 inches

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