Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Whole New Way of Looking at Things - Keto, Diets and Lifestyle Changes


As you guys may have noticed by my blog posts, I've spent a lot of time going back and forth between keto, no cheat keto, having cheat days and considering other options in the last few weeks and I've come to an important realization.

Keto, for me, is not just about weight loss. Keto stops my binging and it significantly lowers my fibromyalgia and migraine pain. It gives me a ton of energy, puts me in a good place mentally and keeps me from eating unhealthy foods. Of course the weight loss is great as well but it's not my biggest goal for doing keto.

Due to all these reasons I've come to understand (and maybe to finally accept) that keto is the way I need to eat permanently. I can't keep having occasional cheat days because they send me off into a binging cycle and they set off off my fibro pain and migraines so I need to approach this in a completely different light.

I think I need to look at simple carbs and sugars, as well as most sugar alcohols, as something I'm allergic too. True, they won't stop me from breathing or give me hives but they will make me be in serious pain all over my body and I'm tired of that.

If I can control my pain through diet rather than medication than how can I not do that? There are people who don't get that option. There are people who have to take meds while all I have to do is change how I eat so what gives me the right to complain about that?

I think it's time to see how much I actually have available to me in terms of controlling my chronic pain and illnesses. Yes, they suck, yes, the hurt, yes, half the time they keep me from being able to function like a "regular" person but if I can control that with my diet for 90% of the pain, how can I NOT do it?

So here is my new plan. I'm taking the next two days and I'm getting my cheat foods eaten and done with. I have some at home that I've been putting aside for my two days off at Christmas but instead of doing that I'm having them now. Then Thursday (which works out perfectly because that's my weigh-in day) I will begin keto with no end date or cheat dates in sight.

I will not be taking days off for any holiday, Christmas included, because this is not a diet. This is not a temporary way of eating. This is the way I will be approaching food from now one and I feel like the longer I can stick with it, the better I will feel and the less I will miss the crap food.

I'm also going to start paying a lot of attention to healthy foods and recipes and trying a lot of new ideas out so I'm not eating the same boring thing every day. Since I have hundreds of keto recipes bookmarked and pinned, that shouldn't be a problem.

So that's my plan. I've made this plan before and I've known all this information before but, for some reason, today, right now, I'm ready to embrace keto for all it's worth!

Let's do this!

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