Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Back Injuries, Cheat Meals and Brand New Starts...

Okay... where to begin?

Let's start with the back injury. So sometime on Sunday evening my back went out, like, really badly. I didn't even realize the extent of it until Monday morning when I got up and I am in the worst pain I've been in in years. I'd say on the pain scale it's anywhere between an 8 or 9 out of 10 when I'm not moving, more of a 12 out of 10 when I am moving and the one time I started bending over without thinking about it felt like a train hit my back and hip.

I'm pretty sure it's sciatica because it goes from above my waist down to almost my knee on the left side. I can't drive, I can't even attempt our stairs and I can barely move and function. I can't remember the last time it was this bad.

Yesterday I spent the day putting heat on it and today I switched to ice because the heat isn't helping. I'm also on muscle relaxants thanks to my doctor but I'm not sure if those are helping at all.

I also have no idea when I can work out again or do the yoga challenge or just function like a normal person.

So, for that reason, last night I had a cheat meal of pizza (crust included). I didn't spend the day cheating, I didn't overeat and I didn't binge. I enjoyed the pizza until I was full and then I stopped despite there being slices left over. Today I'm right back to keto and have no desire to binge so maybe I am making some progress with my food issues.

But, due to the cheat meal, I obviously stopped the 100 Day Keto Challenge. My goal now is to continue the no cheating until Christmas Eve when I take two days off to eat anything I want. I really liked the keto challenge calendar and since it helped me stay accountable, I created my own challenge calendar that I'll be marking off on my workout area door every evening and posting on Instagram as I go.

Also, I did a new weigh-in today and I'm glad I did because it's higher than my last weigh-in, most like due to the combo of incredibly inflamed muscles and body parts plus the pizza and whatever else may be going on.

I'm also going back to my Thursday weigh-ins and generally doing what I was doing before the keto challenge and I'll be doing my measurements once a month instead of once every ten days.

Since I only have 62 days until my goal I'll be getting two rewards; one at 30 days and one at 60 days. Then I'll see what I want to do after Christmas is over.

I think that about covers it for now.

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