Monday, November 19, 2018

A Goal and a Plan for the Next Six Months

As you guys may have noticed I've had a really hard time staying on track with food and exercise lately and I'm currently at my highest weight and size since August of 2017 and probably in the worst physical shape I've been in since then as well.

None of this is anything new but I also refuse to keep going this way because it's not just my health and weight anymore, it's also what I want to do with my life which is help people get in shape and help them find a way to love fitness. And I can't accomplish that without getting fit myself and getting my head back in the game!

So my current goal and plan is to take the next six months (because six months will pass by whether or not I choose to do anything with them) and to get myself back on track with food, my weight, my health, my fitness, exercise and my personal training business/life/job whatever it is.

This is the plan I currently have and if anyone has any ideas of suggestions feel free to throw them my way:

1) follow the 100-day keto challenge starting tomorrow morning with day one (again).

2) post my daily check-in on Instagram every evening.

3) track, weigh and measuring all my food, even little things that I've been letting slide.

4) NO cheating but every 100-days I can one "free" Feast Day!

5) weigh-in and take measurements every 10 days of the challenge.

6) try one new keto recipe a week.

7) continue to do monthly yoga challenges.

8) work out daily even if it's just a stretch on my rest day.

9) follow my Push/Pull/Legs/Abs A-G plan along with cardio and yoga and continue training with my new trainer.

10) complete my last program through NASM which is the Business Accelerator Program that was included in the NASM package that I bought.

11) work out a small business plan and putting together an outline and plan for how I want to do this personal training thing

12) finalize my "online training" payment amounts so I can finally start getting my website and personal training stuff out there.

13) continue working with the people I am still currently training (or am on hold with).

14) keep all my goal in mind every day so I actually stay on track with everything.

15) blog weekly about keto, NASM stuff, workout stuff and personal training. I think the more that I blog and talk about it the more I will get accomplished.

I think that covers it for now but I seriously need to get it together if I want to make any progress in any of the areas of my life!

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