Friday, November 23, 2018

Changing the Plan - 30 Day Keto Challenge

So, after spending Thanksgiving on track and on plan I decided that I still want to eat my regular Christmas foods and take a keto break for Christmas Day or Christmas Eve if we end up with another Christmas Day snow storm like last year! It will not be a full day of eating whatever I want, so no binging, but it will be a day where I can relax, enjoy and then get right back on track.

Therefore, I'm working on a different calendar for a 30 day keto challenge. That will still leave me with two days between the end of the challenge and Christmas day but I can handle two days without a problem.

I'm going to weigh-in and take my measurements every 10 days like with the other challenge so I'll have three weigh-ins and I'll earn one reward in that time. This gives me a month of being on track and hopefully I can drop a good five or so pounds in that time and it gives me something to look forward too food-wise for Christmas itself!

I also plan to celebrate every little victory whether it be the number on the scale, my measurements, a successful workout, a smaller size, lifting heavier weights or even sticking consistently with the plan so I'll be posting a lot in the next month because I think the little victories will help me stay on track!

Here are my 30-Day Keto Challenge Starting numbers. The weight went up a little but the measurements stayed the same as the last time I did them:

30-Day Keto Challenge - Starting Numbers:

182.2 lbs

Body Fat

Measurements:              Change from 9/10/2018
Waist: 38 inches                            (0.5 inches)
Hips: 41.5 inches                         (+1.0 inches)
Bust: 41.5 inches                          (+1.0 inches)
Chest: 34.5 inches                         (0.0 inches)
Right arm: 13.5 inches                  (0.3 inches)
Left arm:  13.5 inches                    (0.3 inches)   
Right thigh: 26 inches                   (+1.0 inches)
Left thigh:  25 inches                     (+1.0 inches)
Right calf: 15.5 inches                    (0.0 inches)
Left calf:   15.5 inches                     (0.0 inches)
Jeans Size: size 10                              (1 size)

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