Thursday, November 8, 2018

Keto Lifestyle Change - The New Beginning

So, here we are again back to Day 1. If you guys have been reading my blog for a while, it's previous obvious that I usually need a several restarts before that little switch in my brain kicks in and I'm able to stay on plan.

Considering that this is my highest weight in about a year and that I've gained back 20 lbs over the last 6 months, let's say that switch has been officially turned on the "on" position because I refuse to gain back any more weight!

So, I am now ready to give my all to making keto/low carb (up to 50 net grams of carbs depending on the day) my lifestyle. Not a diet or a temporary solution to losing weight but a healthy way of eating that will allow me to control my chronic pain and illnesses without additional medications and continue on my weight loss journey.

Now, granted, I did officially restart on November 1st after my two days of cheating but it wasn't a full restart. I would still take little bites of stuff here and there and those bites led to more bites and then to even more so while they weren't full-out cheat days, they were definitely not on track and I knew that if I kept counting them as official days on plan I'd never stop then sneaking and snacking and it had to to stop!

And then I would have a couple of good days and then another off day but today's weight has really shown me that I HAVE to do this or the weight and the  lack of health will come back and it will comeback fast!

Also, I can honestly say that as of today, I am definitely looking forward to going back to losing weight, being on track and exercising again!

I know that the first 10 days or so will be the hardest and if I can just get through them I'll be okay! I have plenty of healthy food stocked up and lots of recipes I'd like to start trying out and I feel mentally ready to do this.

I also can't wait to start working out again (most likely on Saturday) and I know that will help me stay on track and get back to losing weight and building muscle!

I redid all my measurements and they will be my new starting point. I'll be weighing in every Thursday, taking measurements once a month of the first weigh-in of that particular month as well as doing the body fat % at the same time as the measurements and continuing the 25-day rewards.

I'm also going to keep going with the countdown sheet going in 100-day increments because I like having the ability to check off the day when I'm done and seeing how far I've come as I progress through this journey.

So here are all my starting numbers based on today's weigh-in and measurements:

Keto Lifestyle Change Starting Numbers - 11/08/2018 - Week 0:

178 lbs lbs

Body Fat

Measurements:              Change from 9/10/2018
Waist: 37.5 inches                         (0.0 inches)
Hips: 41 inches                            (+ 0.5 inches)
Bust: 41 inches                            (+ 0.5 inches)
Chest: 34.5 inches                         (0.0 inches)
Right arm: 13.2 inches                  (0.0 inches)
Left arm:  13.2 inches                    (0.0 inches)       
Right thigh: 25.5 inches                (+ 0.5 inches)
Left thigh:  24.5 inches                 (+ 0.5 inches)
Right calf: 15.5 inches                    (0.0 inches)
Left calf:   15.5 inches                     (0.0 inches)
Jeans Size: size 8                            (no change)

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