Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday, November 11th Workout - Push Day A - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Plus Cardio & Yoga Stretch

Today I finally started working out at home again and I absolutely loved it!

I decided to start at home but this workout can also be done at the gym so I won't have to switch workouts if I decide to go back and forth.

I did have to scale my weights and bands down by a lot. Some of my weights went from lifting 12-15 lbs down to 3 lbs and 5 lbs and I would normally be upset about that but, that's exactly what my trainer told me to do when I saw him last week, in order to get my body back on track and even after warming up, Push Day A, cardio and my full-body yoga stretch my back doesn't hurt and that's what really counts!

I also absolutely loved doing my yoga stretch/routine. I only held each pose for 10 seconds to start off with but it was still great. I felt like my body was saying, "hey, I remember this and I love it!"

I went through and edited my Push/Pull/Legs/Abs A-G workout last week to make sure it's safe for my back and I stuck with only 20 minute of WATP's for cardio and kept is really low-key.

In a way I feel like I'm back at the start of my fitness journey but in another way, I know what my body is capable of doing and I know I'll get there again with time. I just need to be careful and take my time as I go and I'm more than willing to do that.

I can't wait for Pull Day tomorrow!

Push Day A - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Plus Cardio & Stretch: 1 hour, 40 Minutes Total Time

Warm-Up: 10 Minutes

Foam Rolling - hold 30 seconds per stretch & side:
Upper & Lower Back
Chest Opener

Dynamic Warm-Up:
Forearm Plank Set:  3 planks x 30 second hold forearm plank
Knee push-ups - 10 reps
10 reps x bodyweight of every exercise of Push Day A
Walk in Place - 1 Minute

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps: 50 Minutes

Standing Anchored Band Chest Press w/handles - 3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 20 lb band (horizontal hold)

Dumbbell Fat Bench Chest Fly (vertical hold) -  3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 5 lbs

Dumbbell Incline Bench Wide-Grip Chest Press - 3 sets x 15 reps: 1 x 8 lbs, 2 x 5 lbs

Seated Bench Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press - 3 sets x 15 reps: 1 x 5 lbs, 2 x 3 lbs

Anchored Band Lateral Raises w/small handles -  3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 3 lb band (doubled over)

Standing Dumbbell Scarecrow - 3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 3 lbs

Anchored Band Tricep Pushdowns w/tricep rope - 3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 20 lb band (doubled over)

Dumbbell Crossface Tricep Extensions on Bench -  3 sets x 15 reps: 3 x 3 lbs

Cardio: 20 Minutes: 
“Leslie Sansone's Just Walk: Walk Off Fat Fast - 20 Minute Easy Burn”: Fitbit info: time: 20 minutes, distance: 1.18 miles

Full Body Yoga Stretch (holding each pose for 10 seconds per side) - 20 Minutes

I'm also going to continue to log my workout info using my the MyZone heart rate monitor and my Fitbit. 

As a reminder, The MyZone always gives me a higher calorie burn than the Fitbit and it shows a longer workout time because it tracks from when I put it on to when I take off including all the "off" time between workouts that the Fitbit doesn't count because I stop and start it in between the various workouts.

           MyZone Info                                                       Fitbit Info

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