Sunday, December 2, 2018

30 Day Keto Challenge - Day Ten - Weigh-In One!

Yes! I'm ten days in and I'm down 2 lbs and numerous inches! I've worked really hard in these past ten days, not just with food but with working out and it's paying off.

True, I was hoping to be back in the 170's this time around but I'm very close to it and I'm still happy with my results, especially since I'm back in my size 8 jeans (tight as they may be lol).

Now to tackle the next 10 days of this challenge!

30-Day Keto Challenge - 1st 10-Day Check-In Numbers:

180.2 lbs

Total Weight Lost in 1st 10 Days of Challenge:
-2.0 lbs

Body Fat

Total Body Fat Lost in 1st 10 Days of Challenge:

Measurements:              Change from 11/23/2018
Waist: 37 inches                           (-1.0 inches)
Hips: 41 inches                             (-0.5 inches)
Bust: 40.5 inches                          (-1.0 inches)
Chest: 34 inches                           (-0.5 inches)
Right arm: 12.5 inches                  (-1.0 inches)
Left arm:  12.5 inches                   (-1.0 inches)
Right thigh: 25 inches                   (-1.0 inches)
Left thigh:  24 inches                     (-1.0 inches)
Right calf: 15.5 inches                    (0.0 inches)
Left calf:   15.5 inches                     (0.0 inches)
Jeans Size: size 8                              (-1 size)

Total Inches Lost in 1st 10 days of Challenge: 
-7 inches

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