Sunday, December 30, 2018

Five Days on Track...

Yup, that right there is one of the main reasons I do keto (excluding it controlling my pain levels).  Anyway, the last five days have been interesting as I work to get back into ketosis and detox from simple carbs and sugars again.

I know in my head that this is the best thing for my body but right now it kind of sucks. I miss being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want in whatever qualities I want. I realize that's why I gained back almost 40 lbs and why I feel like crap and why everything was hurting but I still miss it. I'm dealing with a lot of exhaustion and bad headaches as well but I know that will be over once I'm done detoxing.

I also know that it's normal for me to hate keto for the first week or so of doing it and to be down about food so I know this will pass soon. I usually do much better by day 9-12 and at least I'm sticking to the plan right now now matter how much I'm disliking it.

Right now I'm halfway to my first weigh-in day and seeing the scale drop will probably help my mood as well. I also planned on working out by now but I hurt my back today (by sneezing... WTF) so that may be postponed for a few days. We'll see how my back feels tomorrow.

I think that's it for now. Hopefully my mood will be much happier the next time I check in on here.

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