Wednesday, January 23, 2019

100 Days of Keto Challenge - Day One - The Beginning

Today is Day 1 of the 100-Days of Keto Challenge. I'm back to having regained 38 pounds and numerous inches, none of my clothes fit right and I have a long way to go to get back to where I was but at least I know what I need to do and what type of foods I need to stick to to be healthy and out of pain.

I'll be picking up with my workouts again tomorrow (unless something goes wrong) and I'm going going to continue with my daily yoga poses for the January Yoga Challenge.

Here are all my starting stats including weight, measurements and body fat % and since I'm following to the keto challenge I'm only going to be weighing-in every 10 days instead of every Thursday and I'll also be doing my measurements and body fat % on those 10 days as well.

I'm also going to continue to do rewards every 25 days so I should earn four rewards during this time!

100-Days of Keto Challenge Starting Numbers:

195.6 lbs

Body Fat

Measurements:              Change from 12/26/2018
Waist: 39 inches                     (+ 1.5 inches)
Hips: 43 inches                       (-1.5 inches)
Bust: 41.5 inches                     (-1.5 inches)
Chest: 35 inches                       (-1.0 change)
Right arm:13 inches                 (- 0.5 inches)
Left arm: 13 inches                   (- 0.5 inches)         
Right thigh: 26.5 inches            (+ 0.0 inches)
Left thigh: 25.5 inches               (+ 0.0 inches)
Right calf: 16.5 inches                (- 0.5 inches)
Left calf: 16.5 inches                   (- 0.5 inches)
Jeans Size: size 12                         (no change)

And here is the challenge PDF and print out that I will be using from

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