Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Whole New Plan - Finding What is Best for My Body

Okay, so after five days of hard work and a lot of thought, the keto experiment is officially over. I thought I'd be able to get all the sodium that I needed through extra salt in my day but there's only so much salt I can take in and I can feel my sodium tanking as I write this. I will be calling my doctor first thing in the morning about this but it just goes to show me that keto is truly not for me anymore.

So what is for me? Well, like I said, I've done a lot of thinking and I realized something very important. When I did low carb after my last ER visit, I felt amazing every day up until I added the processed white carbs and sugar back into my diet. The days that I ate healthy: sweet potatoes, squash, rice, seafood, berries, watermelon, etc. I felt incredible. I had  a lot of energy, I was losing weight and, most important, I did NOT have any fibro pain and migraines.

The fibro pain and migraines came back when I decided to have a day "off" which turned into two days off and then, possibly, three days off full of processed crap food and that's when the pain kicked in. So it is not the low carb that causes the pain, it's the processed crap!

Obviously, I still believe it's possible to have a day off as long as it doesn't turn into a semi-binge and as long as it's occasional and not weekly, And, yes, I still believe in the whole "if it fits your macros" but I have to make very careful choices and decisions in what food those macros reside. Sure, a piece of cake on a special occasion sounds great but a piece of cake, followed by half a loaf of bread, followed by chocolate, followed by pizza, followed by more bread is a very, very bad idea!

So what is the plan now?

Well, I'm going to back to the plan I chose after my last ER sodium trip: I'm going with a healthy, low carb and IIFYM (if if fits your macros) lifestyle. I plan to keep carbs at 150 grams and under and stick with my 1200 calories with most of my carbs coming from veggies and fruit and for the most part I want to avoid the simple carbs like: donuts, pasta, most bread, boxed stuff... you know what it is.

At the same time I want to go back to stopping with cheat foods/feast foods or whatever they are. I did great when I was following the healthy carb plan and it's only when I took a day off that things got out of control. I'm also going to continue with adding more sodium to my daily diet and tracking it in MyFitnessPal.

I don't intent to change my mind on this for a while because, most of all, I wanted to give keto another try while making sure my sodium was on track and if that became a problem, then I would stop and, obviously, it's becoming a problem.

I know it's time to admit that my keto journey is over for good now and it's time to move on to something that is much healthier for my body and that's just how it is. And I have learn to re-eat like a non-keto person which may take me a while but I want to do whatever will make me healthy and strong.

Keto has honestly been amazing for me but everything is pointing to the fact that it's time to move on so that's the choice I am making. And for all my keto friends and followers, once again, I'm not abandoning you and I want to continue to watch your journeys unfold. I'm just changing the path of mine but I still hope to see you all along the way!

We've got this!

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