Sunday, January 20, 2019

Stepping Away From Dealing With Food for a Bit...

I've decided to take a step back and stop dealing with food for the next few days. I am very happy with low carb/IIFYM but I have good days and I have bad days and all the numbers: calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber, sodium... etc are driving me a little batty.

I want to take a few days and just kind of exist. Eat when I'm hungry (not binge), stop when I'm full and not stuff myself. I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way but, I just know that I am.

I'm going to continue working out like planned and I don't plan to eat tons of "cheat foods" because those don't exist anymore. Food is just food. And if the scale goes up then so be it.

I plan to restart tracking on Thursday morning since that's my official weigh-in day anyway but until then I'll have three days where I can hopefully just not worry about food, macros, calories, etc for a while and I'm sure that by the end of the three days I'll be more than happy to go back to weighing, measuring and planning.

Until then, I'm just going to step back and let it go!

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