Monday, February 18, 2019

100 Days of Low Carb Challenge - Day One - The Beginning - Edited and Updated

Today is Day 1 of the 100-Days of Low Carb Challenge and I am ready! I am currently 35 lbs over my lowest weight so far and even though I won't lose those 35 lbs in the next 100-days I should be able to make a big dent in that number!

I'm going to continue with my workouts and the yoga challenges and just working on getting myself to the best health and fitness level possible!

Here are all my stats including weight, measurements and body fat % from February 1st and I'll be weighing in, doing my measurements and taking my body fat% once a month from here on out on the first of the month.

I'm also going to continue to do rewards every 25 days so I should earn four rewards during this time!

100-Days of Low Carb Challenge Numbers from February 1st:

194.2 lbs

Body Fat

Measurements:              Change from 12/26/2018
Waist: 39.5 inches                     (+0.5 inches)
Hips: 44 inches                          (-0.5 inches)
Bust: 42.5 inches                       (-0.5 inches)
Chest: 35.5 inches                     (-0.5 inches)
Right arm: 13 inches                  (-0.5 inches)
Left arm:  13 inches                   (-0.5 inches)     
Right thigh: 26 inches                (-0.5 inches)
Left thigh:  25.5 inches                (no change)
Right calf: 16.5 inches                (-0.5 inches)
Left calf:   16.5 inches                 (-0.5 inches)
Jeans Size: size 12                      (no change)

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