Thursday, February 7, 2019

Healthy Low Carb/IIFYM Lifestyle Weigh-In - February 7th - Week One

Week One has been really good in many ways and not so great in others. I stuck to the plan for the entire week focusing on a lot of veggies (3/4 of my plate at dinner was veggies every night) and very little, if any, "crap" food.

I also started working out and was able to get three days done before I got hit with a 24-hour stomach bug  and even though that's done, I still don't feel good enough to start working out again. I'm really hoping I can pick it up again tomorrow.

In general though I really enjoyed my food, especially dinner and I actually looked forward to eating vegetables and protein which is huge for me so I see this as great progress!

I still have 33.2 lbs to lose to get to my lowest weight from last year and, honestly, it makes me really sad that I regained so much weight but it is what it is and all I can do is move forward from here.

This coming week I'm going to keep working on healthy, filling meals and working out again and just try and focus on that and I should be back in the 180's at next week's weigh-in!

I think that covers it for now.

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