Friday, February 8, 2019

Thoughts on Fitness and My Plan

First off, NO, I am not changing my workout plan lol. I just wanted to share some thoughts I've been having about it.

So, basically, every time I go more than 4 days without working out, I feel like restarting at Push Day and lately that has been Push Day A and every time I "restarted" I would honestly feel like I was starting all over and losing something.

But then I really started thinking about it and I realized that, no, I'm not actually losing anything. Even if the A days get repeated for several weeks, I'm still working out and I'm still working hard so it's not like I'm starting over and over again, I'm just playing with my plan.

The way my entire plan is set up, each day is a great workout for its specific purpose (push, pull, legs or abs), each day fits into the plan within the context if it's letter group (A, B, C etc) and each day fits the plan within the context of the entire A-G plan.

So just because the A days get repeated several times does not mean that I'm losing something or messing anything up. I'm still getting a great workout and that's what counts.

I really like thoughts like these because they help keep me track and keep me going.

And, yes, of course I want to complete the entire A-G plan at some point in time but, I have that time and I will just keep working toward it and seeing how far I get. As long as I'm moving my body and challenging it, I'm happy and I'm very hopefully that I'll be back at it this weekend!

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