Monday, February 25, 2019

To Weigh or Not to Weigh... That is the Question

So I've been having a really good week. I'm almost at the end of two weeks of working out, I can feel my muscles getting firmer, like, if I run my hands down my arms or butt I can feel the changes and I've felt really good about myself! And then this morning I stepped on the scale and it all went to hell.

And why? It wasn't that I didn't lose weight because I did but it was all because I wasn't back in the 180's yet and it ruined my entire day. Or, let me rephrase, I let it ruin my entire day because it was 0.6 oz away from where I wanted it to be.

So I yelled and vented and spent the whole day kicking myself for not losing more and whining about missing keto and just sitting in my chair feeling sorry for myself (it didn't help that today was my rest day) and then Charles came home and ended up suggesting that I only get on the scale once a month to weigh myself and I realized, yes, that could be a great solution!

I can still keep an eye on my weight that way but I don't have to worry about the weekly ups and downs that come with weekly (and, let's be honest, usually every few days) worth of weigh-ins. Once a month can free me to only feel bad that once a month lol so that is what I'm trying. I think I'll take measurements every two weeks and get on the scale on the first of every month.

I also decided to change my food slightly. I'm going to do my best to get my protein from chicken, fish, shrimp and beef because I really think that the protein shakes with the Isopure powder are causing some serious bloating. Every time I drink one, I feel off for hours afterwards and I need to switch to real food. I talk about this a lot but I'm actually going to do it this time. I even went to the store and bought enough high protein foods to get me through this coming week. I'm doing great with veggies (shockingly enough) but I want real food for the protein and with working out 2.5 hours a day I need more protein!!

So, that's the current plan and I will weigh in on Friday, March 1st!

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