Saturday, March 23, 2019

Listening to My Body - Saying Goodbye to Keto for Good

...And now I am listening!

I haven't posted about keto since day 5 and there was a good reason for that: every day after day 5 (so 6 days) I felt worse and worse physically and was waiting to see how it would play out. There was a 24-hour stomach bug in there too but that wasn't the issue.

Like I posted on day 5, I was seeing some great effects from doing keto and I was feeling really good in all aspects except for having the strength and energy to work out. Every night I would go to bed convinced that I'd have that strength the next day and can start my workouts again and every day I'd wake up and my body would be telling me "no."

And then I started to feel sick... my energy was gone, I actually had to rest in between yoga pose takes for the daily yoga pose photos which I've never had to do before to the point where Gabriel was asking if I needed to stop and do the pose another time. I felt exhausted, weak, really out of it and really nauseous even before and after the stomach bug. Also, nothing tasted good, even the food I was happily eating the week before tasted like crap to me and I basically had to force it down. My salt was on track so I  knew that wasn't it and my macros, calories and food was on track as well.

Yesterday I finally got desperate because I was feeling worse and worse and I added about 30 extra carbs to my dinner and, honestly, I felt better almost immediately. It was actually pretty amazing how much better I felt so this tells me that I definitely feel better at a higher level of carbs.

And, honestly, I did everything I could this time around. I kept up with my sodium and I tracked everything but I guess my body just won't tolerate keto anymore. It sucks and I will miss it but I can't keep doing this. I had some amazing side effects from keto but they're not worth feeling incredibly sick the rest of the time and I would rather weigh an extra ten pounds and be able to work out six days a week like I was before than be thinner and not have the strength or energy to exercise.

So what's the plan now? Now I go back to healthy low/moderate carb and IIFYM like I was doing when I was able to work out six days a week for over two hours a day and was feeling great (for the most part). I will still have to figure out how to deal with the bloating, acne and headaches but all I can do is keep my meals as healthy as possible 90% of the time and hope for the best.

I know that the water weight I lost will come back over the next few days. I know the bloating will be back and my head will probably hurt but seeing as my head has been hurting for the last week I'll just have to live with it.

I'm also not going to try keto again. I tried and tried and tried and it's just not for me anymore. My body has been really clear about this and it's time I started to listen before I end up back in the ER.
And I can't wait until I can work out again! I'm hoping that whatever is going on will even out over the next few days and then I can pick up my weights again!

It's time to focus more on my health than my weight loss (although that's still huge for me). I'm still getting on the scale once a month and I'm fully expecting to see a gain this month but I am considering March as the month of experimentation so it is what it is.

I also think the biggest thing that messed me up when I was doing low/moderate carb last time was the "off" days that kept creeping in and turning into "off" weeks so that will be reigned in. There will be allowances for special occasions but 90% of the time my diet will be healthy food with a lot of protein and veggies and very, very little simple carbs and sugars. I think that will make a huge difference!

So now it's to get healthy and strong again... let's do this!


  1. you are so good. I keep going back to keto cause it's fast. Eating is such a pain in the butt. Wish it was like cigarettes, something I could just give up for good.

  2. I've found that giving up dairy helped with skin issues and joint pain. Ultimately, I've gone fully plant based, so there's still some gas (all that fiber) but not all the bloating. Good luck on your journey!!