Monday, March 4, 2019

Making a Couple of Changes...

After a lot of thought I've decided to stop the low carb challenge and just work on my low carb lifestyle without it.

The biggest reason for this is that every day when I mark off my completed day all I can think of is the huge binge I'm going to have ad the end of the challenge and that is just not healthy or good for me. One of my goals is to stop binging altogether (and I have definitely been making huge strides in that department) so setting myself up with a challenge that I know will end in a binge is not a good idea.

Another reason is that I don't feel like I need the challenge right now and I want the option to take a day off now again, especially for special occasions (such as Pascha - our Easter - which happens to fall in the middle of the challenge). I really want to teach myself to eat like a regular person... healthy and on track 80-90% of the time but able to take a day off for a special occasion without feeling like I'm ruining something or breaking the challenge.

Another thing that will be facing some changes is my workout plan. As I go through my entire A-G workout (and I am loving it) I'm coming across certain exercises that appear to not work well for me or are uncomfortable on my back or can just be replaced with something that will earn better results. I am marking off those specific exercises in my tracking book and will be replacing them before I start the next round of my A-G plan. I still have 3 sets of days to go: "E," "F" and "G" so I have plenty of time to pick and choose and I still have time to come across exercises that just aren't working for me. I'm considering this run of my A-G plan a test run and will be editing it as needed.

Other than that things are going well and I'm looking forward healthy eating and exercising becoming my way of life and not some kind of short-term plan or challenge!

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